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You are gorgeous! Have fun and embrace all of yourself in this flattering way that conveys confidence. Whether you are choosing this for your fiancé, for your spouse, or for yourself, you will look and feel glamorous and charismatic. Revealing your sensual side should be dreamy, never uncomfortable or awkward, and I want to thank you for trusting us at Lily Rose Photography to artistically photograph your inner and outer beauty through this empowering journey. Be yourself: whether your boudoir session is a birthday or wedding day gift for your partner or just for you, live in the present. It is totally up to you whether you wrap yourself in your robe, veil, show a flash of leg in your wedding stilettos, or wear nothing at all, it’s your boudoir session! Some clients will prefer to stay mostly under a sheet or pretty robe, and some are daring enough to go more risqué. There is no right or wrong, and either way will be elegantly provocative. Boudoir can feature anything from pure white cotton sheets, antique bed frames, floor length windows, and hardwood floors to outdoors and sunshine or pinup style photography. The most important thing to remember is: you are beautiful now and always!

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