Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Cyprus. Highly fascinated by the mesmerizingly complex human nature, hence my love for capturing moments within moments; grasping every pure feeling at its maximum potential. If I'm not working I'm either exploring our beautiful island or traveling to countries overseas; meeting both new people and places. My camera lens has been a powerful tool and the greatest companion for me and I feel blessed I got the opportunity to turn my passion into a way of living; a state of mind even. Love getting to know new people, listening to their stories while photography allows me to convey the naked beauty of humans. A firm believer of the fact that even the stillest of still pictures has nothing superficial about it; there's always more to be explored.

Photography & Services

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Speaks English and Greek
Yianni Ritsou, Ayia Napa, Cyprusview map

Work Details & Equipment

  • Photography studio
  • Volunteer/Non-Profit Work
  • TFP (Time-For-Prints)
  • DSLR Camera
  • Macro
  • Wide Angle
  • Super Wide Angle (>16mm)
  • Tele Photo
  • Tilt Shift
  • Portable Lights
  • Studio Lights
  • Constant Lights