Newborn/Birth Photography

Children and newborns are a blessing to photograph. It is always amazing for me as a photographer to watch them play and to capture their ingenuity and spontaneity at the studio or on location. Time passes so fast that sometimes we do not realize that until we see how children we have met have grown up so much in so little time. I understand that in this digital age is super easy for a parent to capture their children growing stages in a cellphone or on an ipad. But it usually stays there. Digital. And they are good photos, but it is not the same as when you do it at a professional photography studio. I propose you to have your children portrait made professionally. You will love It and it will be a blessing after they are all grown up to look at your family album and remember those fun times when they were little. I always have a good laugh looking at my family albums and seeing how I looked when I was a baby, or remembering how my children looked when they were babies. Let's bring that custom back! Have your children portrait made at my studio. You will love it, and your all grown up children will be grateful to you for having their portrait taken when they were little. That preserved memory will show them how much you cared.

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