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Hi! My name is Aggeliki and I grew up in the beautiful Crete! My entire life is full of photographs my hometown seems appropriate for taking photographs. Printed photographs that are either hidden in drawers, surrounded by frames, or hidden in wallets…photographs that areforgotten in books. Anything told or untold is inside there, captured by my photographs… First teacher to me was my father. He trust me his favourite camera, a Zenit and he defined me for ever. I was almost eight years old. Too young to know that the Photography is Art full of techiques and abilities those you could study. I grow up and someday, then, I got in school’s darkroom and that’s it! It was born my biggest dream! Chasing my dreams, I moved in Athens to study Photography and Audiovisual Arts of ATEI Athens. Then, I made new friends that became co- workers and they may like me so much since they kept me here! Of course, I go everywhere! Just call me! I photograph everything. Can I tell you a secret? My Passion when I take photos is One. The human. The People and the stories behind them and their feelings. There are always in front of us. Sometimes so expressive and sometimes more shy, like me with the right possition and len to take the photo to make it memory and keep it for ever in the eternity! They depict valuable memories and unrepeatable moments. Stories that are hardly told again, and if so, the people will be different, and the words will not be in the same order. Undoubtedly, I guarantee you that I will keep your memory safe by capturing a wonderful part of your life in photographs to remind you the moments of what you lived.

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